I got a new job!


Since everyone asks, I thought I would write a little post about it anyway… and dust off the old wordpress site at the same time.

I’ve changed jobs… again. No big deal, in the valley and in my profession, people change jobs pretty often. It’s not that crazy to see people in startups change a few times in a year. But this time is a little different. Not the job so much, I still do all the same stuff… but the mission.

Today I start as Head of Design for a startup called Grand Rounds Health. Grand Rounds is founded on a pretty simple principle, “to improve healthcare by connecting people with top-tier (like superstar level) physicians and experts”. So simple, so fantastic and so needed. Grand Rounds is founded, managed, and run by a collection of really talented and motivated people as well — I’m really excited to be here.

Paraphrasing Lloyd above, I got tired of trying sell people things they didn’t need or want. Or building things to take their money faster. That aspect of design just never spoke to me — It’s my job in some sense, and I’m pretty good at it but it just never left me fulfilled. I know I’m not a doctor, and I know I’m not going to diagnose or treat or cure anyone but I’m pretty excited to be part of a team that will — and in a really huge way!

I’m excited! This is going to be awesome.

Herman Miller – Why Design Series

Great series on Design process and why it’s important (and sometime messy) from Herman Miller


Their description is better than mine…

At Herman Miller design is the language we use to ask questions and seek answers to the problems our customers face. The design process is a journey into the unknown—or as George Nelson once quipped, “I have never met a designer who was retained to keep things the same as they were.” Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we like to begin by asking the question “Why?” In Why Design, a new video series, we explore the world through the eyes of our designers, and share something of why we value their point of view.

Transparent Vote Counting

What concerns me most about this fraud nonsense is that it’s nonsense – all fuss and bother causing the focus to shift away from the real issue of having a transparent election process.




Who can you believe when you can’t believe anything you hear, or read or see?

Drawing at the kitchen table

Doodle Table

Man, I love to doodle. If I could find a job where all I did was doodle I would be a happy happy man.

Advertising seemed to fit that mark for a little while. Marketing too. Software seems pretty anti-doodle and I think that may be part of the reason I am becoming tired of it.

There is a freeness that come from putting pen to paper that just doesn’t fit with the software crowd. It’s just not quantifiable, I suppose.

As it turns out, the kids love it too – which is a lot of fun.

Kemmer the nice Monster Veterinarian

Archer the Nice Pirate

3D Spaces

Dashboard cubes 2

Are 3D spaces of any use to computer users?

I’m working on a lot of exciting examples of expanded spaces – and how users can interact with data in these spaces, but I’m not sold on the 3D aspect. Does it need to be a 1 to 1 map of our physical space? Or should we be striving to build a space for information that is specific to how we interact with our computers?

Lot’s of questions – I’m going to try and keep a detailed (as much as I can) log of out progress.

Dashboard tiles